DollarBird – Magnum (Play, Earn & Cashout) source free download

Let the bird reach you bouncing through the pipes!

Tap on the screen to keep the bird flying

✔️ Score -> Coins -> Real Cash

✔️ Higher the score you make, higher the coins you receive!

✔️ More coins you collect, more cash you make!

✔️ Withdraw coins directly to Paypal

✔️ Generate more than $30 each day through integrated ads!

✔️ The more addictive = The more revenue!!

Update v1.0.7 (08/03/2021)

– Updated SDK support to Android 11
– Fixed coins not adding sometimes issue
– Fixed Retry not working sometimes
– Fixed app crashing when clicked on withdraw button
– Over all game performance improved
– Optimal firebase firestore usage
– Separate project file for Facebook Ads
– Separate project file for Admob Ads